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About Us

Karmas Canvas Story...

In a world dominated by cookie-cutter clones a group of intrepid entrepreneurs and a rebel alliance of culturists rose out of the streets of Los Angeles to create a lifestyle brand...something that was more than just an e-commerce site, but also a community of style and good vibes!

Karmas Canvas started, like many revolutions, in the underground lab of creativity. Karmas Canvas moved operations to the heart of Hollywood now on Sunset Blvd. 

Against all odds, KarmasCanvas rebels weathered the battles and became a survivors. Karmas Canvas now employs roughly 30 folks who wor in offices in NY, and LA. 

Karmas Canvas strives to live a culture, and it is with that dedication and loyalty (and of course the best customers in the world) that the site has grown into the cultural force. Karmas Canvas celebrates the convergence of underground fashion, music, art, and entertainment!

Without the incredible support from family, friends and partners KarmasCanvas simply would not exist. But once again the most important key to KarmasCanvas existence is you, the customers and viewers, that has never doubted, spread the word and showed patience. When there were screw ups you understood and you gave love when things were done well - for this the KarmasCanvas fam will be eternally grateful!

Now go look good - feel good - do good!